• This year has been one for the books. I had a blast during my spring and fall European tours, and I released my first international album with the German-based Blind Lemon Records. The band and I once again had too much fun touring the states through our stomping grounds in the Southeast, Midwest and on the West Coast. We’re looking forward to recording new material in the next few months and gearing up for the 2017 touring year. It starts in March with the fellas and I headed back to Europe to perform in France, Germany, Austria and Italy. Then we go straight out to the West Coast to tour from San Diego to the West Coast for the month of May. Thank you to everyone that has enjoyed the music and helped move this train down the track.


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  • June 20th, 2016



    All right folks. I had a great time in Europe this Spring. I played a lot of great shows throughout Germany, Italy and Switzerland. I also finished up recording the new album, which will be released by the German-based Blind Lemon Records.

    I returned to New Orleans after my tour in Europe and immediately embarked on a five-week tour up the west coast with my band, Pigpen. The tour started with the band playing the Gator By The Bay Music Festival in San Diego, California. Then it took us up the coast going town to town and ended with some great shows in the great Northwest.

    I will be coming back to Europe in August and staying through the beginning of September to support the release of the new album. The upcoming shows will be posted shortly. Please stay tuned…….

    After I return from Europe, my annual Midwest/Southeast fall tour starts in September and ends mid-October. Then it’s back home to New Orleans.

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    Hey, folks. I am excited to announce that I will be heading across the pond again this Spring. The tour has shows planned for Germany, Italy and Switzerland.  Between club dates I will be finishing up recording a new album for the German-based Blind Lemon Records. It is scheduled to be released in this fall. These shows will be performed solo and with special guest. Please visit the tour page on the website for complete show listings and details.



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  • Thursday October 29th



    The Pigpen had another great year folks. The group toured the Southeast, the West Coast,    the Midwest twice, played some great festivals, toured in Europe, recorded a brand-new album in Germany and that album will be released by the German based record label Blind Lemon Records. Now, we are back down here in New Orleans until the Spring. Looking forward to spending time here soaking up the music in this city and working on new material. You can find the group at several clubs around the city and like always busking on the streets each week.

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  • Friday August 21st

    Europe official

    All right folks. Todd Day Wait is heading overseas once again to cause some trouble. Blind Lemon Records is bringing Wait over to Germany to record a new album for it’s label. Mr. Mike Collins Jr. will be accompanying Wait on harmonica and banjo. These two fellows will be traveling for three weeks performing in England and Germany.  They will have guest sitting in for some shows on upright bass, fiddle and pedal steel. Keep an eye out for these fellers and help spread the word to check these two hillbillies out.

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  • JUNE 12th, 2015



    All right folks. Looking forward to a great Summer and Fall. The Pigpen just did a three week run out to the West Coast and had a great time performing at the Gator By The Bay Music Festival in California and had a blast playing up in the Central Valley and Portland, Oregon.

    Coming up we have the Pat Reedy & Todd Day Wait tour. Going to be hitting the Midwest with some great original country music. Going to have a top act backing band to play behind us and make the songs come alive.

    After that Todd Day Wait heads to England and Germany for around of shows and to record a new album. It’s going to be recorded by Blind Lemon Records in Germany. This will be a blast and some long lasting memories.

    To top it off, the group will be doing a large fall tour in the Southeast and Midwest. Glad to be asked back to the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Music Festival and to hit my old stomping grounds in the Midwest. Keep up with the shows on our tour page and hope to see you all this Summer and Fall.


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  • November 12th, 2014


    Another Great Year

    All right folks, the Pigpen is wrapping up another great year touring in America. The group had a blast touring the Midwest, Southeast and California this year.  We were honored to perform at two great music festivals the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion and the Roots N’ Blues N BBQ Festival. Thank you to all the folks that set up the shows, the fans that came out to the events and everyone that helped support the group.

    The band put out an E.P. called “Travelin’ Blues” and has their song “Early Morning Blues” featured on a compilation album of New Orleans street bands. There is one more “special album” that is going to come out here in a few weeks, stay tuned folks.

    The group is going to end the year with a bang.  We have been invited to perform at The Umbria Jazz Festival in Orvieto, Italy for their New Years Celebration. This will be the first trip for the group across the pond.

    Thank you to all the folks that enjoy the music and help the group keep moving along. See you either in New Orleans this winter or your neck of the woods when the snow melts.

    Todd Day Wait and the Pigpen.

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