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In 2009, Todd Day Wait put everything he owned on the curb of his home in Columbia, Missouri, and started what would become a seemingly never-ending, cross-country voyage. Traveling in a vegetable oil-powered airport shuttle bus, he headed to California by way of the Rocky Mountains, and ended up in New Orleans. Along the way, he found collaborators where he could, picking up one line-up for a few states and rotating regionally. Relying on each musician’s various strengths, Todd adapted his music to suit them, shifting genres as he did states. Through this process, Todd Day Wait arrived at a musical aesthetic that resulted in his unique sound of country music. In 2012, after years on the road, Todd Day Wait relocated to New Orleans. In 2015 he took his playing overseas and has been doing European tours every year since. He has now relocated again to Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.







Past Accomplishments:

2004 – 2009:

-Todd Day Wait is the frontman and band leader of the Missouri-based East Ash Street Band.

-The group would tour the Midwest, release 2 full-length albums and perform at national music festivals – Wakarusa Music Festival (Kansas), Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival (Missouri) and Schwagstock Music Festival (Missouri)


-Todd Day Wait starts his solo project, Pigpen, which features a rotating lineup of musicians.

-Todd begins trailblazing the Pigpen’s new tour routes in the Western half of the U.S.

-The new project records two singles “Magnolia Trees” and “Nowhere To Be” in Flagstaff, AZ.


-Pigpen begins winter residency in New Orleans, a tradition that continues into the present

-Spring Midwest tour features 30 dates throughout the region

-Pigpen begins a southern California residency in the second half of 2010

-Fall Midwest tour features 14 dates in the heartland including a spot at the Schwagstock Music Festival

-New music recorded in California, Arizona, Missouri and Louisiana


-Todd Day Wait solo album is recorded at Mediatech Studios in San Diego, CA.

-Wait records the 4-song psychadelic blues EP as the leader of The Golden Hill Blues Band

-After Spring New Orleans residency, Wait records Acoustic Duo E.P with Midwest harmonica player Paul Weber

-The Pigpen performs at nationally recognized music festivals: 101 Music Festival (California), Tall Tree Lake Music Festival (Illinois) and The Roots ‘N Blues ‘N BBQ Festival (Missouri)


-Pigpen forms as an acoustic trio with Paul Weber on harmonica and Matt Dethrow on upright bass

-As a trio, the group embarks on a 10-state, 2 1/2 month tour around the Western U.S.

-The trio self-records two E.P.’s : The “Wheel EP” in January and “The Shamtastic EP” in March.

-During its California residency, the Pigpen records the professional 4-song demo “The Peaches EP” with Georgia-born musician and record producer Mark Neill

-The group performs again at the 101 Music Festival (California) and The Roots ‘N Blues ‘N BBQ Festival (Missouri)

-In late November, the group relocates to New Orleans to play and practice material for a new full-length album.


-The pigpen perform on street corners and venues through out New Orleans on Royal Street, Frenchman Street, Uptown, and the By-Water

-The pigpen stays in New Orleans until April, continuing to work up new material for an upcoming album.

-Performance at the “Gator By The Bay Festival” in San Diego, CA.

-Performs at the Ocean Beach Street Fair, Carlsbad Street Fair, Adams Avenue Street Fair and the Encinitas Street Fair.

-Performance at the “Respect on the River Music Festival” outside of Modesto, CA.

-The pigpen perform through out San Diego April through the end of July.

– The groups Annual Fall Midwest Tour was a big hit. The grouped performed in major cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Louisville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Lawrence and Memphis.

-During their Fall Tour they performed at the National Roots & Blues Music Festival, the Aikens Family Music Festival and  Lupus Chili festival.

-The group is currently back in New Orleans, LA for their annual Winter residency. They will be once again perform all over the great city of New Orleans and work on perfecting their crafts. Lots of big plans upcoming for 2014 for this group.

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