June 20th, 2016




All right folks. I had a great time in Europe this Spring. I played a lot of great shows throughout Germany, Italy and Switzerland. I also finished up recording the new album, which will be released by the German-based Blind Lemon Records.

I returned to New Orleans after my tour in Europe and immediately embarked on a five-week tour up the west coast with my band, Pigpen. The tour started with the band playing the Gator By The Bay Music Festival in San Diego, California. Then it took us up the coast going town to town and ended with some great shows in the great Northwest.

I will be coming back to Europe in August and staying through the beginning of September to support the release of the new album. The upcoming shows will be posted shortly. Please stay tuned…….

After I return from Europe, my annual Midwest/Southeast fall tour starts in September and ends mid-October. Then it’s back home to New Orleans.

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